The Cyborg Project Virtual Expierence

3D Multimedia Virtual Art City

Releasing October 30th - With a live kick off at 6 pm PDT


About our project:

About the experience:
Created on the open-source platform Mozilla HUBs, Cyborg is a choose your own adventure experience in a 3-D virtual city which you will move your avatar through to explore the digitally enhanced imagination of identity.  This abstract narrative realizes the function of fantasy with virtual architecture organizing 30 idiosyncratic digital spaces. One will encounter life-size chimeric bodies, territorial A.I. non-human inhabitants, and prompts including questions that led to concepts of virtual physicality as a catharsis that constitute real-life behavioral desires and fantasies.

Here's how you can come:
1. Purchase a virtual ticket
2. Get the link emailed to your inbox on October 30th
3. Join our in-real time kick off at 6 pm on the 31th or experience the platform any time after



Virtual Ticket

Price: $20

Link emailed October 30th.